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HAY HAY HAY VICKY [Monday, December 26th, 2005 @ 5:52pm]

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my baby dont mess around because he loves me so and this i know FO SHO [Monday, May 2nd, 2005 @ 4:22pm]
[ mood | ^_^ ]

hmm i had a pretty good day until like now.

pop collapsed at the rsl club and he's in hospital now and no one knows whats going on.
typical me, gets on the internet so no one can call or anything.

lol i dont even wanna talk about it i just felt i should sorta let everyone know that for the next few days im gonna be distant and hard to talk to cause i think that something bad has happened.

fish gotta swim, birds gotta flyyyyy [Saturday, April 16th, 2005 @ 11:58pm]
[ mood | LOL! LOL! ]

Apparently, Louis and I rock Holroyds (according to the lovely Faye-Chan, that is).
Omg all the Chanelites are so nice it blows my mind. I cant wait until Colestock next year, when i wont be too shy to go and actually talk to them!

Um anyway I spent last night with Louis [insert aim slut emoticon here] at Holroyd Gardens, for an evening of Jazz In The Gardens. It was in a word: squee. I felt so.....social. We talked to Chanel, up close and person for about 10 minutes before she had to leave to make a set list for her performance. We were talking to her like a normal person, it was crazy.

Anyway Louis wrote a marvellous recap, so go to his lj and read it and if you're not friends with him then you can suffer in those jocks of yours, because I dont care and you probably dont either!

I'll just paste this one bit because i'm so hilarious:

"This girl wearing nothing but a brown top that just covered her behind kept running past as well. She wasn't wearing panties, either o_O We were like "where's your skirt?!" and Naomi yelled out "Where's your DIGNITY?!""

Told you i'm hilarious.


lol im lmfao thinking about the second thing hahah LOUIS AND SOPH I HOPE YOU KNOW WHAT IM LOLLING ABOUT.

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hello i an naomi and i am an enq freak. [Sunday, April 10th, 2005 @ 12:15pm]
The Cure - Tracks: 69 - Listens: 736
Chanel Cole - Tracks: 24 - Listens: 448
Ella Fitzgerald - Tracks: 52 - Listens: 318
Bjork - Tracks: 59 - Listens: 209
Radiohead - Tracks: 27 - Listens: 121

sigh i wasted my time adding those up lol. cbf doing any other bands. lol @ 736 cure. lololol@that.
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hehehehehehhehehehe [Sunday, April 10th, 2005 @ 10:50am]
[ mood | hehehehheehehehhee ]

hehehehehehehhehehehe i love this shirt :)

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Friday, April 1st, 2005 @ 1:13pm]
[ mood | whorewhorewhore ]

1. Post the names of 20 of your favorite musicians.
2. See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
3. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.

1. The Cure - Gone!
2. Chanel Cole - Venus/Dream A Little Dream Of Me/Counting The Costs
3. Magic Dirt - Girlboy/Pace It
4. The Superjesus
5. Kiss - Beth
6. Bjork - Oll Birtan
7. Ella Fitzgerald - Cry Me A River
8. Grinspoon
9. Oasis - Champagne Supernova
10. Hoodoo Gurus
11. Black Sabbath
12. The Screaming Jets
13. The Spazzys - Paco Doesnt Love Me/Steal A Kiss
14. Catatonia - Mulder and Scully
15. Radiohead - High And Dry
16. Bette Midler
17. Alice Cooper - Poison
18. The Living End - Dirty Man
19. The Ramones
20. Taking Back Sunday


k that was a quick list i just know i've forgotten awesome bands i love but ohwellz

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everybody gets a little sentimental [Friday, April 1st, 2005 @ 11:42am]
[ mood | whoohoooo ]

i just read this on chanelcole.cc and decided it's the perfect description for colestock:

"Normally, when a human sings, the inanimates of this world are, by and large, unmoved. That is to say, when someone sings, the trees don't listen. The earth doesn't concern itself with the noise a creature makes. Yet, it seemed to me, the whole world listened to Chanel Cole singing 'Teardrop'. The chairs we sat on, the wood under our feet, stopped their daily existence and listened"

wtf whoever wrote that i love you, let me have your babies please.

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i wanna be a began [Thursday, March 31st, 2005 @ 3:28pm]
[ mood | spinningggggg ]

tell me to cut it and i'll cut your throat.

i was totally going to write my own recap of bega but i couldnt put it better than louis ( + i'm lazy).
so go here: clix

if you're not on louis' friends list therefore cant see his recap you need to aim me @ naomcara or msn me @ naomcara@hotmail.com thnx.

i miss bega :( i want to go back.

great now my phone is being a cunt, k i've uploaded all the photos i can for the moment. more later. then even more when i get my films developed. yay!

cut like my wristsCollapse )

thats about it for now goodbye my loves!

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HIHIHI [Thursday, March 24th, 2005 @ 4:26pm]

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[Friday, March 4th, 2005 @ 11:12pm]
my brother bought me a cure greatest hits cd/dvd set omg im totally loving the acoustic versions of like everything (except for close to me, it was rather disappointing). Ugh i'm so tired and i dont know why i've already slept for like 3 hours this afternoon :/ SOMEONE BUY ME THE CURE - WILD MOOD SWINGS PLEZ AND THNX.

k so i have work placement next week and i totally made sure i had lots of homework from my teachers, what a good student I am :) and i've started it already :) i'm so proud of myself omg.

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three weeks until bega chanel i'm coming!!!
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[Sunday, February 27th, 2005 @ 11:29pm]
lmao i was just skimming through brave new world again and i found this quote i hilighted:

bernard: did you eat something that didnt agree with you?
john (savage): yes. i ate civilisation

rofl shit i love this book so much
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Why is it something so good just cant function no more? [Sunday, February 27th, 2005 @ 6:16pm]
[ mood | explosive ]

almost everyone at work was invited to David's birthday party but me. Normally I would care, but it's David, and not getting invited gets me out of having to make an excuse.

I have a shitload of homework but i keep getting distracted. mainly by shiny things.

this interview i read in the newspaper totally made my otherwise uneventful day. The interview was with Jay Whalley (The dude with the hair from Frenzal Rhomb, the new co-announcer of the JJJ Breakfast show, the dude who made the song about the Tsunami, the guy who had a bitchfight with Kyle and Jackie O aka those gay bitches off that inferior radio station). Well yeah this question amused me lots:

Q) Do you do anything at all in the way of fitness or watching your diet?

A) Because i'm sickly thin i've decided to become morbidly obese. One of our producers, Craig shufton, will have a segment called the naked Shuft where he cooks me incredibly unhealthy food. If my contract is fulfilled, i'll be wheeled to work in a golden wheelbarrow by some kind of pygmy.

k lots of people have this survey thing so no one gets credit for it just click and look plezCollapse )

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sick as a dogggg and [growll]six timesss as meannnn[/growl] [Saturday, February 26th, 2005 @ 4:31pm]
i went to bed at about 11:00pm last night, woke up at about 9:30am this morning. Had breakfast and a shower and etc. then went to watch Bladerunner. Fell asleep withing the first five minutes, this was at about 10:15. Woke up about half an hour ago (4:00). Shit hey. I have a fucking huge pile of homework cries i hate year 12 why wont you be over already?

omg does everyone know im going to bega?
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i wanna be a hippy and i wanna get stoned [Thursday, February 17th, 2005 @ 4:19pm]
fucking ugh.

that sums up my fucking day.

fucking careers advisor sent me to his room today with two other people for a group discussion, basically he singles me out and says i'm not going to get into uni because i'm not quite sure what i want to do for a living yet and even though i may try my hardest to get the best marks i can, this uncertainty will bring me down so much i probably wont achieve over 50 for my uai. i was like well no im not a stupid kid and even though i dont know what i want to do, i really do have my heart set on going to uni blahblahblah and he's like i know you're more than an above average student, i've seen your past reports, but you need to focus in on one career or you wont get to university at all. oh fuck you you big fucking cunt. i'm serious go fucking die.

THEN THE CUNT sends me to the counsellor because im not sure what i want to make of the rest of my life obviously i have some serious mental/social issues. and the way the careers advisor described my "situation" to the counsellor was fucking stupid too, he made out im some fucking mental case who's on the edge.

i know i sound on edge but its just cause this cunt is pushing my fucking buttons, just because i havent decided what i want to do for the rest of my life doesnt mean im going to get a uai <50 and not go to uni. ugh you're a careers advisor START ADVISING ME INSTEAD OF GIVING UP ALL HOPE AND SENDING ME TO THE FUCKING COUNSELLOR.
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i taste death in every kiss we share [Monday, February 14th, 2005 @ 7:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well its valentines day. got 2 roses which i totally wasnt expecting. and 3 valentines day sms's. the roses were delivered by this guy in year 10 wearing gold hot pants, no shirt, fairy wings and body glitter. oh i had a good laugh while i inconspicuosly checked out what was in his hotpants.

one of the roses was from my hospitality teacher, she is so sweet she bought one for everyone in the class and got us to make heart shaped biscuits for all the staff. she then wrapped them and it was soooo cuteeeeeeee seriously this woman is a sweetheart and i felt so bad we didnt do a thing for her. we've decided she is getting a hugeass present when we finish year 12. it's going to be fucking excellent she is the best srsly, she's funny, nice, excellent teacher and fun. ugh we have to do something great for her. ideas?

not quite sure who the second rose was from, it just said secret admirer probably cathy or burger. god those kids are darlings <3

speaking of burger she's having some troubles at home at the moment i feel so horrible she tells me shit but i never say the right thing, she's all almost in tears and i crack a joke to cheer her up rather than let her get it off her chest cause im hopeless at that shit ugh kill me and replace me with a good friend.

i listened to the cure at school today.

swimming carnival tomorrow.

emma's party on saturday.

i'm doing hospitality work placement one saturday a week for 5 weeks instead of having to miss yet another week of school because i have retail work placement, i'm so glad it turned out this way. i had two assessment tasks due my hospitality work placement week even though it's supposed to be assessment free. but now its all good. and i'm fineeeeeeee againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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ROFL [Saturday, February 12th, 2005 @ 11:07pm]
[ mood | rofl ]


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hope ur in the green baggy matty forever. foreverever? foreverever. [Sunday, February 6th, 2005 @ 12:07am]
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I HAD FUN TONIGHT [Tuesday, January 18th, 2005 @ 1:29am]

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WAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [Monday, January 17th, 2005 @ 4:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

my kitty has been gone for like 2 days now and it always always comes home around 5 to eat food im getting worried and my parents totally arent helping theyre like I DONT THINK ITS COMING HOME AND WE'RE NOT BUYING A NEW ONE. cuntz.

i think i am queen of retarded userpictures i made a new one.

today this huge package came in the mail its was like taller than me and we were all wtfux then dad came home and opened it as it was for him and there was all fishing stuff in it turns out he won a competition with XXXX THATS THE THIRD TIME BEER HAS WON HIM PRIZES GO DAD GO.

in this package was random fishing things + the headlight thing i am wearing in my userpic. I THINK ITS KEWL LOL I JUST HAD TO TAKE PICTURES.


I like promised myself id be finished reading/doing study guide for brave new world by the 18th aka tomorrow and im like halfway through chapter 6 and i still havent done chapter 4 study in the study guuide whoops oh well my new deadline is australia day.

speaking of australia day, hottest 100 yayz omg i cant wait i wasnt this excited last year. i voted for like a billion songs off old emails lol and by a billion i mean 40.

vote here: http://www.triplej.abc.net.au/hottest100/default.htm
and then enter the thing to win all the feature albums so you can give them to me :)


And my top 10 prediction is:
1 Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
2 Jet - Look What You've Done
3 Grinspoon - Hard Act To Follow
4 Missy Higgins - Scar
5 Spiderbait - Black Betty
6 Streets, The - Fit But You Know It
7 Killers, The - Somebody Told Me
8 John Butler Trio - Somethings Gotta Give
9 Eskimo Joe - From the Sea
10 Placebo - English Summer Rain

i dont think my prediction is entirely accurate, but im pretty sure franz is going to take the #1 and im pretty certain most of those songs are top 10 just mabye not in that order.

um i dont have to work again until friday yay for me right its about fucking time i get some days off (but really, i'm not complaining my pay is fucking excellent)

heeeeeeere pusssssssssssssss pusssssssssss :(

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nobody cares, in this life of despair [Thursday, January 13th, 2005 @ 12:39am]
[ mood | lost ]

Brother: Hey Nome, what did you do today?
Me; Borange.

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and she told me she's got a gun, she said she wants to use it [Tuesday, January 11th, 2005 @ 5:14pm]
[ mood | irritated ]


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spiderman is having me for dinner tonight [Tuesday, January 11th, 2005 @ 2:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

k so today we went to the rta to get me my L plates but u have to book in LOLK I SO SHOULDVE KNOWN THAT so we booked in for thursday cause im working all day wednesday and yeah omfg im going to be so embarassed if i fail.


i found all these letters i wrote in reponse to joeys letter which i never sent so im totally going to send them tomorrow. the envelope says Andrew Johns c/o joey kthnx lol im retarded.

my day has been so uneventful after i went to the rta i cam home and listened to bjork and the cure and guns n roses oh how exciting i am ps kill me

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that girl was always falling again and again [Monday, January 10th, 2005 @ 6:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


it was so dead today at westfield like no one to serve at all so i went out the back and i was cleaning random things the warmer is cleaner than its ever been and the stove is silver instead of black and i put the storeroom in order omg i put labels and stuff everywhere NOW YOU CAN FIND SHIT if anyone fucks it up ill have thier ass.

afterwards i went shopping and i went to hmv and saw medulla for $20 so i was like score and i bought it. then i went to sanity and bought the cure - greatest hits cause its the only cure album they had and they didnt have any at hmv and the guy praised me for having excellent taste in music he said it doesnt matter what else i listen to the cure that makes up for everything and um like yeah i rule i know. he then proceeded to tell me what he used to do in his room, alone, when he was 15. i thought he was gonna talk about masturbation and im like wtf ew and then he was all LISTENED TO THE CURE and was like i lu god<3

then i went to big W and bought lollies and chocolate (it's like period medicine k) and new shoes for work then i was inspecting my old work shoes and they are soooo fucked. they have like holes in the sides and crack in the bottom and the sole is beginning to fall off and black stuff was peeling off the fake leather, thats what i get for buying $10 target shoes, so this time i bought $25 big W shoes.


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im floating around in ecstacy [Sunday, January 9th, 2005 @ 12:16pm]
ive been listening to random songs all morning yet i still have catch in my head its an awesome song but omgkjfhkjdashkfjsd.

ohay guess what i went out friday night it was kewlfun. first i went to sharons house cause she was having a party that wasnt anything special as per usual but we had fun. there was another party like down the road with free alcohol and kailan the 12yearoldwhore was like desperately wanting to go. then we were going to walk to maccas for dinner bnut jacqui needed to buy bread and milk so tim and i walked her to coles to do so and by the time qwe got back sharon was all I WANT TO GO TO COLES NOW and i was like well you shouldve come qwith us we're going to maccas now and so sharon just didnt go then we saw lauren and she was like sup i got my p's do you need a lift jacqui's house is on the way home and we were like yeah so jacqui, tim, sarah and i went back to jacqui's and kailan (12yearoldwhore) was like OMG U GUYz R SO SLACK LEAVING SHARONS PARTY and we were like hello its either that or walk 5km through gosford in the night i fucking think not besides she wanted to go to the free alcohol party anyway. besides the party was over. so we went back to jacqui's and clarkey, ange, jem, nicko and colby were there and i was actually like talking to ange omg. she's going to join the4 air force after school cause the boy/girl ratio is something like 10,000 : 1 and she was all THEYD ALL BE SO DESPERATE I COULD HAVE TWO AT ONCE and i was like omfg she is a clever girl now i see where the band 6s came from. anyway i slept at jacqui's the night and it was fun.

i planned to go for my L's on saturday but then i stayed at jacqui's house and i had to work in the afternoon so i decided to wait until tuesday.

three people at work asked me yesterday why minnel is a cml and i'm not. rofl i rule.

it's my first day off where i havent had anything planned in a while. im going to bum around all day, perhaps read a bit more of brave new world, cook something, watch the eastenders omnibus, go to bed early.

oh Wil Anderson isnt writing his weekly column "Sunday Roast" in the Sunday Herald Sunday Magazine (Target Audience: Old hags, Wil's article is the only remotely interesting thing in there) this week and next week, and the guy who manages the company which publishes the magazine was too much of a tightass to hire someone else to write it and took the liberty of writing it himself. The old cunt has done nothing but pay out Wil for the entirety of the article. That cunt is so getting hatemail from me.
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so wonderfullyx4 pretty [Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 @ 5:18pm]
[ mood | omgziez ]

k so i spent like $250 today so much for saving up but omg its all good cause i got:

WAIKIKI - I'M ALREADY HOME - an album i've been wanting to buy like forever but it's always like $28 and im cheap but it was on sale for $19.99 so i was like k buys

ROBBIE WILLIAMS - SWING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING - omg another album i've wanted for a bit but i've never actually seen this one in stores and it was on sale for $15 so i bought it robbie williams singing swing songs rulz k

WEBCAM omg i bought awebcam it's a shitty $30 one but like a webcam is a webcam.

DVD PLAYER + SURROUND SOUND omgggggg i have a new dvd player cause my sister kept our old one and i have surround sound too and i have 5 speakers and a subwoofer and its sooo loud omgs i love it i cant wait to watch my detour dvd with the sounddddd and the magic dirtttttt omgzzzzzzzzzzzz so fucking excitedddddddd k anyway that only cost me $185

so yeah thats $250 my mum also bought me a school bag cause she loves me it's little and cute and black and pink TEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ.

we're also going out for dinner tonight lol pizza hut all you can eat SOUNDS CHEESEY BUT OMG PIZZA HUT ALL YOU CAN EAT RULZ besides i havent been there in forever



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she used to always stand there and stare [Monday, January 3rd, 2005 @ 10:27pm]
[ mood | twitchy ]

ive had this song in my head for the past 3 days howaboutthat.

on 1/1 there was a becker marathon on tv1 and i was channel flicking between that and the will and grace marathon on arena but it was like the early will and grace episodes which i've seen 94362837 times so becker usually won omg he's such a bastard i love him <333333 on 2/2 i watched a bit of will and grace again but there was also a are you being served marathon on uktv and that won most of the time omg i love tv marathons srsly they fucking rule.

k so enough about tv today i went to the movies and i saw finding neverland omg it was a pretty kewl movie but i could barely concentrate cause i just kept thinking THE TECHNIQUE THE DIRECTOR HAS USED CONTRIBUTES TO IMAGINATIVE JOURNEY BY....... then i was like wtf loser ur at the movies with ur friends not at school but i kept thinking like that omg so annoying. johnny depp looked so pretty and youthful in that movie i'm never going to come to terms with the fact that he's 40 i wonder what moisturiser he uses its probably that on they they had in the catwoman movie.


this weeks work roster sucks i have some long shifts but im rostered on with fucktards who are stupid and slow and cant do anything by themselves advice on how to kill them without getting caught would be greatly appreciated. but like cause i have long shifts i have days off and i want to do something better than just going to the movies or out shopping I NEED SOME GOOD IDEAS OF FUN THINGS TO DO MONEY IS NO PROBLEM I HAVE IT ITS JUST IDEAS IM SHORT ON.

omg i want to go to luna park

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i dont ask for skies to be always blue [Saturday, January 1st, 2005 @ 7:41pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

i've been reading old lj entries omg i used to be such a twat but at least i was less whiney and more optimistic. i was also looking at the music i was listening to and i thought it would be all JLo/Mya/Alicia Keys and all that shit cause thats what I was into mainly back in the day. But it was mainly the Zutons, Magic Dirt, The Spazzys, & Ella I was proud of myself for not having the horrible taste i thought i had.

today my brother was teasing me because my mum's user was logged in on the computer and i asked her if she was done cause she wasnt at the computer (i was gonna ask if i could disconnect from the internet so if work was going to ring they could get through) and he full started yelling at me telling me that i'm a loser and my life isnt going to amount to anything if all i do is play computer and i should get a real life and blah blah blah blah. At least I have more friends than i can count on one hand, fuckface. So I went into my room almost crying cause all he's done since he's been home these last few days is tease me for being on the computer so much and i had a shit last night last night random people were pissing me off for random reasons i'm over it now but i wasnt this morning and it made me flip yeah. then i came out of my room like 3 hours later cause i realised there is a becker marathon on and i was watching that and like everyone was gone. everyone left the house without telling me or even locking the door i'm like wtf. ohwell i had a nice day alone.

i made pizza scones and playdough.

blahsex. i have another day off tomorrow score i'm sleeping in if i can. bainow.

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feeling extra generous today? [Saturday, January 1st, 2005 @ 5:52pm]
[ mood | greedy ]

hi if you love me you'll buy me this:


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fucking new year [Friday, December 31st, 2004 @ 11:40pm]
[ mood | ^_^ ]

wtf i'm not strange and depressing i'm normal hi happy new year

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[Thursday, December 30th, 2004 @ 6:08pm]
omg wow well i got paid. $417 hakhskas,an,ahamnasmbadjkgadikjfgjlgsbljsgdjlgsljdgfyiasigfdklasbflashfl;ahslfiloveworking.
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wheres my gwen? WHERE'S MY GWEN? [Sunday, December 26th, 2004 @ 8:48pm]
[ mood | GO GO GO ]

xmas was pretty kewl. work was fine, i worked with people i didnt know and i sorta got to know them but i wasnt too friendly cause they seemed like cunty people. it wasnt too busy all day but busy enough to keep me occupied. i had to teach the people how to make instant gravy, even though there are clear instructions on the packet.

afterwards my family went to the beach as the store i worked at was at terrigal, right across the road from the beach, the view was lovely. then we went home and did family stuff (I played pokemon snap with my sister, dumbass didnt even know how to wake up snorlax and she had noooo clue where any of the signs were, stupid child we've had that game since it came out and she still has nfi) and um yeah the end. i get paid wednesday. i should be getting about $180 from working last week not including xmas and $130 for working the week before that (as i get paid fortnightly) and about $110 for working xmas day. so thats like $420 TEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHE WHO WANTS PRESENTS?

i bought gwens cd today and i finally got to listen to the few songs i couldnt download and theyre pretty kewl but bubble pop electric is still my favourite <3333

brave new world is a pretty kewl book i'm not hating reading it. i think i am going to finish this one, never before to my recollection have i finished reading a book i have had to read for school.

lmfao you always get one dud present for xmasCollapse )

i usually get the dud present from my aunty, but this year she wised up and gave me $20 love goes out to her. i'm going to sydney tomorrow to see my nan and that side of the family and get more presents although i'm not really expecting much as i got tons of stuff last year. that side of the family are such bitches to each other omg it's always entertaining visiting them.

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[Friday, December 24th, 2004 @ 9:39pm]
well, it's christmas eve, i'd better get to sleep now so i can get up early for santa work.
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[Friday, December 24th, 2004 @ 11:50am]
[ mood | na na na na na na na na na na ]

surveyCollapse )
stolen from alyssa ps go check out her layout i just saw it for the first time then it's pretty kewl

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and dont we all love a little bit of drama now and then? [Friday, December 24th, 2004 @ 11:12am]
[ mood | lksfghoisehtl;ksjh; ]

total drama at work last night. everyone was all OMG OMGG OMGGG and i was like tehehehehe dramakewlthismakesworkfun.

Alicia was on melissa's back all night every, 10 seconds she'd be like SERVE MELISSA DO THIS MELISSA DO THAT MELISSA and she actually was working this shift unlike usual. And Melissa was all omg if she does that again i'm walking out. And she did. So she did. Then Alicia started yelling out her and Melissa broke out in tears (a family friend of hers dies the day before, she found out 10 minutes before she started work but she still came in because she didnt want to put them out which was really good of her, i'd be like fuck work) Yeah then she went and I was talking to her over the counter cause she's kewl. Alicia was being slack, like Melissa was working better than she usually does and Alicia knew about her family friend dying yet she still thought it was fit to be on her back all night and make her crack. I dont really care though I was over it 5 minutes after it happened. I just wanted something to write about.

I worked so hard that shift, I was there for 6 hours and i was like serving my ass off for the 5.5hours we were open for. Tim sent me a message in the middle of my shift all lets do something tonight then he sent me another one an hour later all fine. you can just ignore me if youd prefer that. honestly i dont know if i'll ever see you again.... shit i'm almost crying thinking about it. and i was just like omg pathetic but aww. so i sent him a message back when i finished work.

I slept at my brothers house last night cause i finished work at 12:30 and so did he, so rather than make Dad come and pick me up at that time of night he offered to walk me home and let me stay there. Rebecca (Chick who lives with my brother) went to her mums house and let me stay in her room she like cleaned the sheets and cleaned the whole house so it was nice for me and i'm like lol obvsly she's never seen my room if she feels the need to clean for me. Oh the other guy who lives with him (Chris) was still there and they both finished work at 12:30 so they waited for me then i gave them free chicken and then we walked home and my brother left his computer on playing songs to create the illusion someone was home, and we were guessing what song would be on when we came home and i was like I BET ITS LITA - WHEN I GET U ALONE cause thats a song by a wrestling chick and it doesnt fully suck but it's not good and not my brothers type of music and i always pay him out about it when he plays it and we got home and it was on and i was like hay. i rule. what do i win? And I got to choose what dvd we watched and I picked The Last House On The Left, it was previously banned in Australia it's about 30 years old and it's a Wes Craven movie and it's about rapists and i love old Horror/Thriller movies so i was like omfg yay. We didnt watch the whole thing, it was so shit. It's so like old fashioned that it's just funny. The chick doesnt wear a bra and her mum is like "Wheres your bra" then she's all "No one wears those things anymore mum!" then her mum's like "Well back in my day..." then the daughter is like "Back in your day you used to wear bras that made your breasts look like torpedos" and i was like ROFLORLFORLFORLFO(RL. Then later on the dude was raping the chick and all you could see was the people standing around watching, and you could hear liike deep breathing and the chick is going. "No, stop. Please, no, I dont want to be raped" like the acting sucked so much it didnt sound convinicing in the least she wasnt even like saying it loudly and she wasnt making it sound like she meant it either it was way pathetic. OMG AND I SPOTTED SOMETHING. It has like the exact same music and like other little things are similar in the movie cabin fever. omgz intertextuality i knew my teacher was drumming that word into my brain for a reason.

anyway i've written too much and i havent even started talking about the rotten fruits and chicken park and the wheelchair and tom petty and potential and the coolroom and tyronecunt yet but i'll make another post about that later k bye.

*has just realised what an eventful night she had*

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slut [Tuesday, December 21st, 2004 @ 10:36pm]
just to remind you of how skanky i amCollapse )
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yawn [Monday, December 20th, 2004 @ 1:03pm]
i was bored so i took some photos click faggotsCollapse )
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omfg this entry is long i am so boring. [Monday, December 20th, 2004 @ 12:02pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

woahk today was my last day of school for the year omfg yay. it was presentation day and i got my report along with a distintion certificate for retail (1st in the class, but thats not really an achievement cause it's a mindless subject) and merit for hospitality (i cant believe i got that, i've done so many stupid things in hospitality like putting hot pans on laminex benches and burning huge holes in them, and turning the oven off in the middle of cooking and more random dumb things i do and i'm actually coming second? crazy.) the thing about today that ruled most: smartass didnt get one award. MWAGHAGHAGAGAGAGA. she got 2 band 6's last year in the school certificate and she didnt even get one shitty little award for her prelim i'm so happy.

Hospitality: 2/5
Business Studies: 13/22
General Maths: 13/70
Advanced English: 5/94
Earth & Environmental Science: 6/38
Retail: 1/16

k so i think overall i kinda sorta really fucking rule the world now dont i?
never have i ever been so pleased with a school report. OH AND THEY PUT 2UNIT DRAMA ON MY PRELIM RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT HAHA I'VE DONE 14 UNITS ROFL I RULE. I've dropped down one place in english but it's ok, i can make that up. I plan to do a shitload of study next year and this time i'm really serious i've made a study plan and started my holiday homework already. I'm so serious about homework and studying that it kind of scares me, it's just not something i've ever been too serious about.

i'm not sure what i'm going to do when i leave school, i've been thinking about being a teacher lately, i love earth and environmental science and i'd love to teach it. science really interests me but i think i've fucked up by only choosing one science subject, i wish i'd thought more before choosing my subjects but oh well too late for that now.

k my stuff to do in the holidays list consists of:
-eliminate any traces of a scoial life whatsoever. i'm absolutely determined to concentrate on my holiday homework, study, work and then just total rest and relaxation because the first three terms of next year are going to be full on.
-work. work lots and work to the best of my ability, not that you need to put much effort in kfc but i've started to feel bad for slacking off most shifts. i want to earn the title i am to receive not get it just cause they promised me a while ago. btw i'm working xmas day.
-homework, i am so going to do all of my holiday homework and i'm going to do it really well too. i'm giving myself australia day as a deadline, that way if i dont meet it i still have plenty of time to finish it all before school starts.

i want to get my hair dyed with all the xmas moolah i'll be earning, i'm working xmas day for 7 hours, boxing day for 4.5 hours and i could well be working new years day too. so i'm gonna get one of those two toned hairstyles and i want a fringe and it's going to be light brown and blonde i have it all planned in my head it's gonna look kewl not tacky like other top deck hairstyles. i'm going to buy a proper hair straightner too rather than just straightening my hair with the blowdryer or the curler, a proper ceramic one.

why the fuck am i planning shit like hair, sleep, homework, study and work when i have no fucking idea what i'm going to do after school finishes? srsly when school is over which is in less than a year now i swear i'll just crawl into a hole and die cause theres no way i'm working at kfc after school. hopefully i'll get a good uai and i'll be able to be a teacher even though i'm not really sure about that. oh well. life can come later.


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TEHEHEHHEE [Tuesday, December 14th, 2004 @ 4:40pm]
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[Sunday, December 12th, 2004 @ 11:45am]
[ mood | fucking crazy. ]

Stupid Fagboy Callea is on my tv GET IT OFF NOW PLZ WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CHANEL.


anthony on tv and too much homework make naomi something something
go crazy?

ps msn 7 rulz and everyone should go download ella fitzgerald - bei mir bist du sch"n NOW CUNTS

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this fucking shits me [Saturday, December 11th, 2004 @ 11:21pm]


that gave me the shits more than it shouldve but meh.

fuck you i can be pissed if i want. no fuck you.
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HOMEBAKEHOMEBAKEHOMEBAKE [Monday, December 6th, 2004 @ 3:51pm]
[ mood | ROCKIN' ]

ok so homebake fucking ruled.

i got up early and we caught an early train and omfg guess what we were late. we only waited in line for like 20 minutes and the line was fucking huge but it moved rather quickly i dont think there was one point where i actually stood and stopped for like more than a minute. k then we got in and i bought a fucking shitload of merch. like $180 seriously.
yeah so theres all that. there was also a regurgitator shirt that was all "FUCK REGURGITATOR LETS GO SMOKE CRACK" and i was all rofl but i didnt buy it cause it was pretty innappropriate and i wouldnt be able to wear it much so i was like pfft waste of money.

k first i believe we watched wolfmother for a bit. they ruled, but it was early on in the day and i wasnt totally into it just yet i was still fucking waking up. then we were watching the camels and they were kinda kewl but then we got bored so we were going THEN THEY PLAYED CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU AND IWAS LIKE OMGKEWL WE MUST STAY. and that we did. then they finished and we ran over and watched gyroscope for a bit and i spilled some buys beer over LOL he gave me a dirty look which i could only describe as murderous. then we saw the tremors they fucking ruled the singer guy was so into it and fun to watch so i was like YEAH \m/ *MOSHES* (At this point kate was being an annoying cunt and not getting into it she just stood with her arms crossed the whole fucking time) I intend on downloading some of the tremors songs. I cant really remember if theyre songs were kewl enough that id want to listen to them again but they were fucking fun. k so then we left them early and we saw MACHINE GUN FELLATIOOOOOO yes oh yes they fucking ruled. thier first song was hollywood and they had these hell ugly transvestite looking dancers in shiny slut suits. then they sang troublemaker and that was kewl too. i was right into the crowd and they were all rocking with me. once again kate was being a cunt. but i got over it and was like sup i'll have fun by myself. THEN THEY SANG THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS IS GIVING ME NIGHTMARES. AND THEY HAD FIRE ON STICKS AND WERE LIKE WHIRLING IT AROUND I WAS LIKE WOWWWW. pinky beecroft is such a fucking great performer. he was singing the words and like acting it out as well like you would as if you were doing a dramatic monologue or something i was like wow if im ever a singer i wanna do that. he totally lit up the whole stage. then the chick sang the growing and i left straight after they finished cause i wanted to get in early for the spazzys cause i was all OMG THEY RULE SO MUCH IT WILL BE TOTALLY PACKED. first i went and met chris and craig from CNNN and TODAY TODAY (JJJ RADIO SHOW) and fuck they are funny cunts, i got photos and they signed my bag. so i was waiting at the hopetoun stage for a bit and they had some gay hippy band then gerling doing a dj set which was all dance music so OF COURSE i was like *dances* k so i didnt really believe that it would actually be packed foreals BUT IT FUCKING WAS. they were on the hopetoun stage aka the smallest stage there and it was sorta enclosed so everyone was packed in and there were tons of people. it was hell violent too i could barely breathe but i kept on moshing like a hardcore rocker cause i rule like that. i had sweat dripping off my backkkkkk thats totally how packed in it was. about 8 people were crowd surfing during the spazzys and when security retrieved one person while he was crowd surfing and pulled him behind the railing he then jumped on the stage and did a stage dive and he was like 30 cm away from hitting me i was like AAH. the first song they sang was my car doesnt brake and thats a pretty lame song to just listen to on cd like it's my least favourite spazzys song but its a kewl crowd song cause kat is all MY CAR DOESNT BRAKE then everyone goes clapclapclapclap in rythm and then we all go my car doesnt brake SHUTUP I KNOW IM LAME BUT IT TOTALLY WAS KEWL. i dunno if kate was being a boring cunt at the spazzys cause i was too involved in them. they rocked. k then i went and watched scribe for like 10 minutes then realised spiderbait was on so i was like FUCK THIS DUMB SHIT and watched spiderbait. they ruled but i was all tired from the spazzys so i stood back and watched rather than totally getting into it. then as they were finishing i did. cause that song thats all SINHINEEEEE ON MY WINDOWWWW MAKESSS ME HAPPPPYYYY LIKEEEE I SHOULD BEEEE was being played and THAT SONG FUCKING RULES. then they played like a few more and then they stopped. then i bummed around for a bit and watched a bit of regurgitator and i so wanted to hear polyester girl but i got sick of waiting and watched eskimo joe instead. then we got bored cause eskimo joe rule, but thier songs arent moshpit songs it was just like stands there sways listens cheers BOOOOORING. we then saw some kasey chambers and i threw half a bottle of coke at her and it was like 30 cm away from hitting her and she looked as it went by and i was like DAMNIT NEARLY. then we went back to eskimo joe as grinspoon were following. OMG = OH MY GRINSPOON. They ruled at first i was a bit far away from the stage cause i thought it would be totally violent just like the spazzys x 10 then it wasnt so we moved in closer. i ended up right in the front, i was being pushed against the railings and i have bruises on my ribs from that. so much fun. i cant begin to explain how much it ruled. i knew most of the words to every single song they played and i was jumping up and down hardcore and moshing hardcore and singing hardcore OMFG I AM SO FUCKING HARDCORE. then jet were on they like disappointed me. i'm so over jet. they ran late and i missed the 12:30 train and the next one wasnt till 2:30 cause of fucking trackwork or some shit. i thought they did all the fucking trackwork during the fucking day. cunts. i was way tired then i went to work the next day and worked for 8 hours loL!


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[Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004 @ 8:13pm]
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I MET CHANEL DID YOU? NO. O. SUX2BU. [Monday, November 22nd, 2004 @ 1:06pm]
OMFG x 89234164789612897346918362408160847023

i had tickets to the unforgettables stage at the aus idol grand final so we were all at the red carpet entry to the opera house watching people arrive and shit then chanel arrived and omgggggg i was running around pushing past small children and bitches with anthony signs trying to see chanel cause she was all walking up the stairs to the opera house but i couldnt get close enough so then i pissbolted all the way around the back and around the sideeee i swear i was running for like 15 minutes and i ran past the place where they got into thier cars and i saw ricki lee she was like less than 1metre away from meeee and i hate her but she's semi famous (for a few more weeks) so i was all OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG RICKI LEE HIIIIIIIIIIIII HI HI HI HI HI like exactly like that and the whore didnt even fucking turn around or anything (lol she probably guessed i was gonna ask her if she'd seen chanel) and so then after i stopped yelling i was like BITCH and i think she heard it too lololol I FUCKING HOPE SHE DID and then i saw courtney walking to his car and i was like HAY COURTNEY I LIKE YOU and he was like BUT UR SIGN SAYS CHANEL and i was like ASIF EVEN COMPARE YOURSELF TO HER and he was like HAHA and i was like BUT MAN REALLY UR KEWL K and he was like THNX then i ran the rest of the way around and was waiting there for like half an hour more cause chanel being the total not-diva she truly is was talking to everyone and being a total sweetie


"famous" people were entering at the same time and they were all walking past OMG MARK HOLDEN GAVE ME A TOUCHDOWN and i was like sup bring back chanel and he was like lol THEN I SAW MARCIA HINES (no i didnt kill her omg i didnt want to be escorted off the premises before speaking to chanel) and i was like hi girlfren and she was like lol and i was like hey have you seen chanel and she was all yeah she's on her way THENNNNN i saw guy "pube head" sebastian and i was like OMG GUY HI SUP CHECK MY SIGN (LOL MY SIGN SAID CHANEL > RICKI LEE) and he was like hahah nice and i asked him if he voted for chanel and he was like no....... and then i said did u vote for anyone and he said yeah i voted for anthony once and i was like pffft like anyone is here to see anthony tonight it's all about chanel and he was like lol and then i was like is she still on the stairs can you see her and he's like yeah she's signing some stuff she'll be here soon enough then guy walked away and I SAW TREVOR FROM BIG BROTHER OMGGGGGGG he was like a few metres away and he was on his phone and i was like TREVORRRRRRRRRR and he was like *waves* and then he proceeded to talk on the phone and i was like HAVEEEE YOUUUUU SEEEN CHANELLLLLL and he was like *nods head and points to the stairs* and i was like *thumbs up* AND I SAW COURTNEY ACT AND I WAS LIKE SUP COURTNEY NICE TITS and he/she/it was like *adjusts breasts* and i saw some chick who is apparently on neighbours and i was like NICE DRESS BUT WHERE IS THE REST OF IT (i think i stole that line from someone, probably louis<3333) THENNNNNNN i saw this blonde chick and i was like sup i know her and then i realised it was shannon nolls wife and i was like OMG SHANNON NOLLS WIFE HI and then i realised shannon noll was standing like closer to me than she was and i didnt even notice omg i am a tool and i was like sup shannon and he was like wavesandwalkspast THEN EMELIA WALKED PAST AND I WAS LIKE HAI DONT CRY THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN THENTNEGHRNNEGEJKBKEBEBEJL


she was walking past
she was gonna walk straight past me
i was yelling and screaming and so was jacqui
and then the nice idol crew lady who i was talking to before i kept asking and asking if she'd seen chanel and she was like i'll let u know when shes coming anyway she stopped her and made her talk to us cause we r crazy kids and chanel was like hello and i was like OMG CAN I TOUCH YOU then i did then i think i told her i loved her liek 29746712 times then i gave her my phone and i told her to say hi louis i love u AND SHE DID OMG then i made her sing give a little get a little and she sang just the first verse and it was fucking heavenly. seriously her voice is EVEN BETTER live. and she was sooooo pretty and she was happy to stand there and just chat to me cause im a total true fan she is so lovely and nice and non-diva holy fucking hell. then she was walking away and i was like I LIKE YOUR DRESS YOU LOOK LIKE A BIG MERINGUE and she was like GIGGLES and i was all OMFG I MADE HER FUCKING GIGGLE I RULE then i was like talking to louis on the phone for a bit all omfg then i hung up and i said to jacui THAT WAS THE GREATSEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE and this total guy sebastian look alike who was behind me was all HEY THATS A BIG STATEMENT ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT OVERREACTING and i was like UM OR NOT. i didnt even get to take photos of chanel cause i had louis on the phone but jacqui took some so im gonna buy her credit and send them to myself. omg they are clevage photos lol I CANT BELIEVE HOW FUCKING PRETTY SHE IS

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cuntcuntcunt [Thursday, November 18th, 2004 @ 4:19pm]
[ mood | hotttttttttttt ]

sup today sucked ass. it was the first day all week i'd had a full day at school. im going to tell you how bullshit my day was.

period 1: maths
greatjustfuckinggreat, we got an assesment task while i wasnt at school. lovely. it's a group task and im stuck with a fat fuckwit by the name of jamie wattman, luckily im also with josiah and some ben guy, im not even sure who ben is. i think he's the guy who sits in front of me but im not quite sure really. k then we're doing work and my teacher had to go cause he was deputy for the day and it was a fucked up day he suspended like 8 people he told me so yeah we had nothing to do omfg boring and a waste of my precious, precious time.

period 2: hospitality
i go to hospitality and it's like wow. the only people in class were my teacher and i. so we went to the library and i started doing the assesment she gave me. she's such a cunttttttttt. luckily for me carina came late and then my teacher pissed off and photocopied shit and carina was telling me about past roots she's had. kewl. but still i had to endure more than half a lesson alone with that cunt of a teacher.

period 3: business studies
omg this period ruled actually we had a substitute so jacqui and i were like talking about what we're going to wear on sunday. OMFG SUNDAY sarah won tickets to the red carpet arrival on sunday for the australian idol final so we are gonna dress up like chanel and have random objects in our hair and have a poster all "CHANEL > RICKI LEE" and yeahhhhhhh. i cant fucking wait. holy shit on a stick im so excited.

period 4: english
ohhhhh myyyy. this period just wouldnt end. we had all the windows closed and the fans turned off cause my teacher is a fucking freak. we were reading from the tempest and i had like 298469236847 lines cause i was filling in for people who werent at school. and my teacher announced that we'll get our assesment task back on monday and that someone in our class got 19/20 LOL ITS NOT ME I DONT EXPECT TO PASS. mine was like all out of context and it wasnt very journey-based well it was but like i didnt keep pumping the idea that it was a journey so im gonna fail cause that was like the main requirement. i suck.

k at lunch i go to print my earth assesment task, to my horror i find that only one page of it has been saved to the disk. what fucking complete bullshit i was so pissed but of course it was entirely a result of my own stupidity so ill just have to fucking deal with it. and so i go to the library to re-do rest (because what information i had on the first page would only account for 3/15 marks) and no. just fucking no. the old hag of a fucking teacher-wannabe librarian is all OMG I FEEL LIKE BEING A BIG FAT OLD CUNT TODAY SO IM GONNA FUCKING CLOSE THE LIBRARY AT LUNCHTIME JUST SO NAOMI CAN FAIL HER HSC LOL I AM SUCH A CUNT. btw those were totally her words exactly. and so i like stole melissa's assessment and was using it as a guide but she didnt have enough information cause a) she sucks and b) i needed to completely re-write it so it didnt come across like i just copied her work. i didnt finish by the end of lunch.

period 5: earth environmental science
i owe god a box of chocolates, cause he gave me a substitute teacher and tons of videos to watch rather than a real teacher with real work in earth. any other day id be fucking pissed that we miss out on a real earth lesson but really i was so totally grateful. and since i was in the earth room i had earth textbooks and billions of old copied of new scientist magazine and it was like earth assessment task heaven. i wrote a few pages but im not counting on getting much more than a pass. 10/15 is probably the best i'll get simply cause i fucked up with the disk. god i am such a fuckhead. but hey, i redeemed myself so i'm proud, and you should be too.

it's fucking hot im going for a swim. then a shower. then work. oh my god my life is so exciting.

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[Saturday, November 13th, 2004 @ 9:22am]
[ mood | chundering ]


josiah's dedication to chanelCollapse )


But since Chanel's now gone, I want Casey to win. Disagree with me and ill cut your cunt out with the remains of a rusty tin can :)

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was i drunk? was he handsome? did mama give me hellllllll?????? [Friday, November 12th, 2004 @ 8:50am]
hay i am now the proud owner of: 64 classic ella fitzgerald performances

please, stop envying me.

well on the sucky side of things im like totally sick. i got home from school and slep until about 8:30 then went to bed at like 11 and woke up at 8:30 this morning. i woke up a few times during the night cause there was a huge ass storm and yeah. and last night i was all vomits and like i hadnt eaten anything all day so it was like watery vomit it was gross and im sure you wanted to know.

i have this friend right her name is sharon and she is soooooooooooooo testy omfg. she keeps having parties at her house right and i usually go but last time she arranged it i had plans and this time im working and i dont like to get out of work and go all the fucking way to wyoming for something we could easily do another day. i know i suck i put working at fucking kfc before my friends but she is so fucking testy omg. she told me to get out of work a week ago, before she even asked her mum if she could have a party and im like no i dont want to get out of work plus you dont even know if you're having this damn party. she's sent me like 3+ sms's every night telling me to get out of work and im like no no no no no. and i was hell sick yesterday at school right and she rang me 3 times last night while i was sleeping and sent me messages that were all you have to come to my party fuck work. i dont even think ill end up going to work now unless i get better cause im all sick but does sharon care no i should just fucking go and vomit all over her face. and get this its not even like a real party we're just going to watch dvds. fuckit.

i suck at english. i got 7/25 for an in class essay. i only got a certificate of participation in the uni of nsw english competition. i got 6/20 for my last in class essay cause i totally discussed the wrong techniques (my teacher said i wouldve got like 20/20 if it was a drama essay and i was like ^-^ but still this is english not drama i suck) and im dreading gettign back my assesment task. it was so cheesy, it was supposed to be a reflective recount focusing on imaginative journey, and it was soooo cheesey. so cheesey.

omg we saw this odyssey play for english as well it ruled. and we wrote an essay on it and thats the one i wouldve got 20/20 for if it was a drama essay cause i was talking about the acting techniques not the english shit but i dont see the difference so yeah shutup stupid teacher.

ive decided to use my day off and this weekend which i will probably spend in bed getting a head start reading the tempest, our core text for english. and starting the study guide cause i never do my work early but im tryingggggg.

speaking of which i have all this to do:
chapter 1 & 2 in maths (it's finding the area of circles and anulluses, easy shit but there are soooo many questions)
earth environmental science assesment task (my teacher was helping me with theis the other day and he basically did it all, i just have to find a bit more information and re-write it and it'll be sweet)
hospitality assesment task (i'm so behind i have 3 to do now whoops)
2 english essays i need to catch up on

omg i know it doesnt look like much but it is. i love business and retail cause im up to date i ruleeeeeeee.

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work [Friday, November 5th, 2004 @ 2:57pm]
woah my playlist did the craziest thing, it just played these four songs in this order:

daniel belle - working my way back to you
beyonce - work it out
shannon noll - working class man
the beatles - we can work it out

yuh thought that was crazy, considering how much i went on about work in my last post.
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happy-go-lucky-and-fun! [Friday, November 5th, 2004 @ 10:03am]
[ mood | inhalingthepositivia ]

work: is kewl. i feel heaps special cause i know how to do everything and i should be getting my promotion soon and im totally settled in with all my work friends and stuff and yeah. its really good, i love going to work. the only bad thing about work at the moment is my kewlfriend hotben is doing his hsc at the moment so he had some time off, but hsc is over like next week i think so yeah he'll be back sooooooooon ^-^

home: is actually pretty kewl, despite my pop and uncle both being terribly ill, which i am beginning to cope with. i really have sucked with that and i apologise for being a whiney whore ESPECIALLY TO JOEY but yuh i think im kewl now. my brother is thinking about moving out tehehehehzhehzhehzhetzhYAY. he is such a cunt i want him gone, and he has never before expressed any interest in moving out and him and his 2 friends have like picked out a house and everything and one of his friends is heaps rich and she's gonna like pay for it and shit and he'll like pay her back bit by bit so i dont have to wait for him to save up before he moves out or anything and he'll be moving near westfield so he wont have to scab lifts to work and ill like never see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school: ugh there is sooo much work to dooooo, which i should be doing now. I actually had the day off cause i had work due which i couldnt finish last night (longweekend!) so yeah i will be finishing it soon. I havent dropped a subject yet, and everyone tells me i really should. The thing is, i can only drop retail or hospitality (cause theyre both category B, if i have 10 units and 2 cat b subjects i dont get a uai), and im coming first in retail and the only people taking the exam are quite bright which will bump my mark up also. I love hospitality, it's a small class, i love to cook (it's like, in my genes or something, cause im a woman, and cooking is like, our reason for living) and im DOWN with the hospitality terminology. I'm heaps good at presenting food too, mine always looks pretty ^-^ so yeah im thinking of just not dropping any, at least until next year.

kewl i didnt make a whiney entry, 10 points to me!

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[Saturday, October 9th, 2004 @ 11:35am]
[ mood | energetic ]

i took photos cause i was home alone and bored. very bored.
i cut the photos like i did my wristsCollapse )

so yeah i went to Erina yesterday and we went ice skating and kate fell over like 5 times in 20 minutes LOL. i feell over at the end i like skated over a bump then i went all gumby then i recovered then when i was daydreaming and thinking wow i nearly fell over lucky i didnt then i just fell over cause i wasnt concentrating. my knee is a bit gumby (it does that every now and then) the fall just kinda set it off.

omg i have so much homework which i should be doing rather than updating my lj and taking photos.

if you havent already, download william shatner - common people.


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yawn [Wednesday, October 6th, 2004 @ 4:57pm]
It's 10:30, i've been up for three hours now. Tim decided to ring me and wake me up, again. Bastard, i'll get him for this, ideas anyone?

The William Shatner version of Pulp's "Common People" is an awesome, awesome song. The music is the same, but the verse and most of the chorus is spoken by William Shatner. His voice is so kewl, he pronounces his words perfectly and delivers the lines with great pacing, passion and expression. I really love this song. But I love William Shatner more. I aspire to narrate as well as him. Everyone download that song. William Shatner - Common People.

K the main reason I made an entry was because I was reading my Sanity magazine (Sanity magazine is a lame, free, monthy dvd/cd reviews magazine. Most of it is complete crap, but I get it every month cause theres usually kewl posters and sometimes they interview semi-famous Aussie bands i like) This month they had a feature article on Machine Gun Fellatio, and im not explaining the lead up to the conversation, but Pinky Beecroft (the lead singer) was talking to the interviewer about Australian Idol. He says "I watched Idol recently, and one of the contestants, not mentioning any names, is just so gorgeous - she's got everything. I havent heard a note she's sung but she's got everything let me tell you. You know Kylie Minogue's career really took off and had longevity after she started fucking Michael Hutchence, now if I was a little starlet on Australian Idol, once again not mentioning any names, and I wanted to achieve musical success I wouldbe looking to sleep with the singer of a famous Australian Band, like say... Machine Gun Fellatio. It's a sure fire way to success"

K that made me laugh and I felt like I needed to share it. Damn I love Pinky Beecroft,despite the fact he's a dirty old man. Everyone go buy the new Machine Gun Fellatio album, now. Give my man the money he deserves. I want to know which Idol starlet he was talking about, probably Amali. He hasnt heard a note she sung, because she didnt hit any notes. I am so glad she's gone, filthy whore. I miss Daniel :( Marty should have gone, he seems to suck more and more every week.

Um thats all i have to say except ty soph, kristy and jasmine for commenting on the last entry.

AND SPAZZYS ARE PLAYING HOMEBAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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